Thursday, 15 March 2018

Man of a Universe

In 1995, The Face magazine approached Stephen Hawking and asked him for a time travel formula to use in an article in their forthcoming 15th anniversary issue.

They soon received the following response by fax.

Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
Silver Street, Cambridge, England CB3 9EW

From: Sue Masey, Personal Assistant to Professor S W Hawking
To: Johnny Davis

Number of pages: 1 (Including this one)

Date 6 April 1995


Thank you for your recent fax. I do not have any equations for time travel. If I had, I would win the National Lottery every week.

S W Hawking



Notes: The information was drawn from here. The photomosaic of Prof. Hawking is made by the acclaimed Greek visual artist Charis Tsevis.

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